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Support future events and our You-Deserve-to Be-Here fund. 

"Treat Yo Self" at the same time.






Books and reads? Treat yo self.

Visit Birchbark Books for all of Marcie's books and other great reads by other Indigenous authors

Check out Marcie's poetry ebook here on Smashwords. And one of her most popular poems.

Grab Lisa Harris's Unveiled Beauty book and merchandise

Plus, read even more of our favorite reads by moms who write.

And revisit all the resources from the Remember Your Mother retreat. Come back to the prompts any time!

Have you written a book?! Let us know so we can share!


Gear? Treat yo self.

Show the world that you "Write Like a Mother." Shirts and tees, mugs, stickers, bags...they're all here. Use code 22RETREAT to save 15% until February 15.


Events? Treat yo self.

      We want to hear more about what you're writing. And we're eager to share all our writing resources with each other. Keep an eye out for future moms-who-write happy hours and networking sessions. Stay in the Scribente loop to know more!

     Register for an Uncover Your Truth 4-Week Program from Lisa Harris  


Publication? Treat yo self.

      Write for the Write Like a Mother blog! Give us your best ~1500 words on the topic of wounded. Send in the body of en email by March 1.

      Work toward publication--or just find a consistent writing practice--inside one of our writing groups. Let us know what you need by completing this very brief survey.

Be part of something bigger? Treat yo self.

      Learn more about the Land Back movement to start change in your own community.

Scribente Maternum Treat Yo Self

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