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Scribente Maternum Events

What does a Scribente Maternum event look like?

Large group gatherings, small group support

Small groups will offer you the space to dive into your writing areas of interest as they relate to your parenting. Affinity groups will vary depend on who is attending the retreat, but may include grief and loss, Black mothers, mothers of color, LGBTQ+ parents, white allies and antiracism, new parents, new writers, parenting through relationship challenges, and whatever else our community needs.

Tone and space to create the head space for writing

One of the major challenges we as parents face is finding the "head space" to write. We not only help create that space at, but we also discuss and empower each other to find ways to do that at home.

Time to write

You can't have a writing retreat without...writing. Because every writer comes to the retreat with a different writing goal, your writing time will be tailored to what you hope to gain from the experience. Note that we are NOT a writing workshop. You do not need to share what you create unless you choose to.

Movement and self-care

We will involve some type of movement or physical activity and/or opportunity to participate in self-care. This could include yoga, meditation, or meditative walks.

Other creative disciplines

Each retreat will involve some other creative art as a source of inspiration such as music, visual arts, or cooking.

Connection to place

In-person retreats ensure that the place in which the retreat is held will be an intrinsic part of the experience. And we will especially recognize and honor the Native lands on which we reside, retreat, and restore ourselves. Virtual retreats embrace place through the exploration of a particular place in time.

Experienced facilitators and presenters

Facilitators and presenters with both subject-matter expertise and lived experience share wisdom. Each retreat will offer something new, so come back each time knowing that you'll get something fresh from the experience.


Both virtual and in-person retreats are sure to create strong connections: between you and other writers and between you and your writing. It's a launching off point to create a life-long community of support.

Justice and Equity

These themes are a central aspect to Scribente Maternum, both through our retreats and within our community. We seek to amplify and connect with writers and creators of color to center their wisdom and expertise within this community.

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