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The Land on Which You Live, Work and Play

We invite you to think about where you are sitting right now. Where you live, play, and work. We invite you to think about the Indigenous people whose ancestral land we currently occupy. We are all based in North America, which is known as Turtle Island by many Indigenous nations.

Many of us, particularly those who come from European lineage, arrived here and thrive on this land we currently live on because of a violent and ruthless campaign to exterminate and erase Indigenous people from this land. For so many of us who grew up in North America, this history was taught to us from the perspective of the European colonizers, glossing over the horrors caused by many of our own ancestors.

We at Scribente Maternum honor and acknowledge the Indigenous people not only who endured the horrors thrust upon them by colonizers, but also the Indigenous people who live and thrive today. Despite all odds, Indigenous people are claiming their sovereignty. Those of us who are settler-colonizers acknowledge our role in their fight. A very small starting point is to make this acknowledgement as an introduction to action. We are committed to tapping into the power and knowledge Indigenous cultures have about mothering, motherhood, and especially, all our connections to Mother Earth.

We also acknowledge and recognize the enslaved and indentured people who were forced to build the foundations of this country on which we meet. We cannot ignore that modern North America still bears the ugly legacy of slavery from its existing physical structures literally built through the blood, sweat, and tears of enslaved people and the ongoing existence of systemic racism against Black Americans. We acknowledge our distinct roles that we must take in order to tear down white supremacist systems in our spheres of influence.

We honor and acknowledge those referenced by tapping into our creative spirit to take action.

We invite you to discover the land on which you live, work, and play. See this as the beginning of your journey. Not the end. Start to learn. Listen to Indigenous nations. Take action to make a difference.

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