All the readings your group needs to write together at the Remember Your Mother retreat, January 14 & 15, 2022

Featuring the words of bell hooks.








Session 1: Friday 

From all about love by bell hooks ​

Section 1: "Shame"

Writing prompts:

When do you first remember feeling shame? What external forces were involved?

How did the experience with shame shape you? How did it forever change you?

Section 2: "Wounds"

Writing prompts:

How does history leave wounds on groups of people? How can you work to heal those wounds?

What is one of your own wounds you would you change if you could?

How would your life be better without this wound? How would it be worse?

Section 3: "Fear"

Writing prompts:

Who speaks to you? What do they say?

What prevents you from listening? What prevents you from hearing?

Session 2: Saturday morning

From salvation by bell hooks ​

"Mama Love"

Writing prompts:


  • Think about friends who are more like siblings. How does a balance of all your emotions help strengthen those relationships? What relationships have ended or been strained because of a lack of balance?

  • How do you have these conversations with your own children? How do you model this balance? If your children are grown, how do you remember these conversations? Do you have similar conversations with grandchildren? How might that conversation be different?


  • Two friends are fighting over something that would seem trivial to someone else, but is very real and serious to both of them. Be aware of whether or not the conflict is resolved. What brings them back together? What bridge might they simply be unable to build?

  • As you write, consider how the dialogue and word choice may shape this conversation.

Session 3: Saturday afternoon

From communion by bell hooks ​

"Finding Balance: work and love"

Writing prompts:


  • What is your work? Not your job, but your work.

  • What do you love? Not who, but what? What fills you up?

  • How do you find balance between your work and your love? How can you find better balance?


  • A person is in a place that they love, doing something that is as heavy as a tedious, never-ending job

  • Someone is walking through a place they do not love, feeling an overwhelming lack of balance

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