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Write Like a Mother

"There was something so valuable about what happened when one became a mother.
The person that was in me that I liked best was the one my children seemed to want."

Toni Morrison

Writer-moms, founders, and presenters from the first in-person retreat on the steps of

The Clifton House in Baltimore, Maryland, home of renowned poet Lucille Clifton

Join Us!

Write Like A Mother Retreat

Oct 19-22, 2023

Seaview, WA

Our Write Like a Mother retreats are transformative events that give writer-moms the space to restore, write, and connect with other writer-mothers. Our next retreat takes place on the Pacific Coast in Southwest Washington at the beautiful, Sou'Wester Lodge

We have a truly incredible line-up of facilitators, and we cannot wait to be with you all in the restorative, cool air of the Pacific Coast. We can't wait for you to join us!

*Our definitions of "mom" and "maternal" are inclusive and not necessarily linked to gender. The maternal role involves nurturing, the link to Mother Earth, and our everyday role as the parent doing the emotional labor. Our definition of the person in this role includes, among others, trans folx, femme/feminine-identifying genderqueer, non-binary folx, and cisgender women. It also includes those who yearn to be a mother, those who mourn the loss of a child, or those who fill a parental role in nontraditional ways. If you see yourself as a parent in a maternal role, this space is for you.

Moreover, Scribente Maternum recognizes the even greater emotional burden carried by Black mothers, Indigenous mothers, and mothers of color. Our community focuses on the well-being of all mothers -- especially regarding emotional health – as a shared responsibility of the group, rather than the lone task of an individual.



What is Scribente Maternum?

We are a community of writers who identify as mothers. We have our own stories and struggles, but we come together because of our love of writing and our love of our children. This space is for the writing process, not the final product.

Scribente Maternum is a play on "writer mom." But that's where the fanciness ends. This community is down-to-earth and real. The one thing we are serious about is how central motherhood is to our human experience.

Our goal is to embrace the tension that exists between motherhood and writing. Our children are our greatest distraction, but also our greatest inspiration. We are exhausted from being the on-call parent, but we find something new to write about every time we look at them.


We are here to support each other.

We are here to understand each other.

We are here to tap into each other's creative energy to create new, glorious things.

What is a Scribente Maternum Event?

DSC_3049 (2).jpg

Conferences include loads of information from a panel of experts. They mean lots of note-taking and even more exhaustion.

Scribente Maternum's events, on the other hand, are a chance to mingle and write with the experts. They include community-building and time for you to explore whatever your heart needs you to write.

Our large retreats include workshops with renowned authors and teachers, opportunities for smaller accountability groups, and a chance to find inspiration and community. Smaller gatherings are a breath of fresh air, just when you need it the most. A time to gather with like souls in the midst of mothering.

In the time between events, our online community keeps right on writing. We give each other the support and inspiration we need, just when we need it.
Most importantly, all our events include time to rest and recharge and breathe. These are experiences that mothers don't make time for but that they so desperately need: meditation, mindfulness, and simply sitting in stillness.

Who is Scribente Maternum?

Mothers, grandmothers, and aunties.

Writers, dreamers, and revolutionaries.

Generations of real mothers, offering support so that the young people in our lives may continue to inspire us to do amazing things.

Mothers with stories to share. Mothers who don't have to walk this road alone.

This is Scribente Maternum.


Author Randi Pink literally balances work and baby. Scribente Maternum supports all moms who write.

Korrow Fam.jpg

Moms mothering alone

Moms mothering together

Moms mothering across generations

We are all Scribente Maternum


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